How Fanomena uses emlen to drive their inside sales

For Inside Sales, the number of conversations is a key driver for reaching sales objectives and targets. We know from experience that Sales Reps are more successful in their work if they customize their follow-up actions to the contact and send relevant content that is matching their needs.

Why Fanomena uses a highly targeted content strategy as part of their inside sales approach?


Slow and unstructured follow-up processes

Sales Reps at Fanomena are working towards a goal which is to develop a certain amount of opportunities every month. They use different channels to reach out to their leads and try to develop them along the sales cycle.


After all touchpoints, the Sales Reps send out follow-ups, summarizing the conversation and including appropriate content assets such as case studies, infographics etc. Unfortunately, this process is not standardized, so each Sales Rep has his own method to live this process. Fanomena is lacking the ability to create a standardized and scalable process, coming along with the opportunity to identify the content that is most successful in the sales process.


Sales Enablement Platform

Sales needs a single source of truth for their content assets in order to have visibility of what content exists and what content is helping them to drive sales. This content should be presented to them in a way they can easily identify for what stage or scenario a specific piece of content can be used.


With this approach, Fanomena wants to identify those content pieces that have the highest interaction and thus actively contribute to the sale.


A single platform for all sales assets combining content and analytics

With emlen, all content assets can be stored in one place and be accessed at any time. At the same time, the individual content pieces can be clustered by giving the content properties. Based on the properties, Sales Reps can Filter the content by sales stage, buyer persona or interests and know exactly which content should be used at what stage of the sales cycle.


Once the solution was in place, the Sales Reps were able to track the individual interactions with the content as well as identify the content that performed best. Based on this, the conversion rate to opportunities increased by up to 15 %.

Why emlen?

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