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How Saas StartUps can utilize content as a sales tool

Content Marketing no longer only comes into play for demand generation or SEO activities, it can also play a big role at the end of the sales funnel, when a personalized conversation matters in order to get the sales.

Why SaaS companies should be using content in their sales process?


Fragmented and Incosistent Content

Content is usually created and used for demand generation at large scale and top of the funnel activities. But once Startups begin to talk to a qualified lead through their sales reps, they often lack the right content material they can use to keep the contact engaged and trigger a conversion.


Sales related content is often hard to find and lacks consistency. It requires too much time and energy for sales reps to look through volumes of existing content in search of the assets they need.


Often they go ahead and customize content on their own because they can´t and what they need, if following up with a lead after a demo call or sales pitch. This often results in content being sent out that is not aligned with the brand or overall the sales strategy.


Sales Enablement Platform

Visibility of what content exists and what content is helping them to drive sales. This content should be presented to them in a way so they can easily identify for what stage or scenario a specific piece of content can be used: For a lead that is at an earlier stage of the funnel, a white paper, Infographic or e-book could be the right material.


At a later stage, when a decision is about to be made, a case study or fact sheet could help trigger the decision.


A single platform for sales enablement assets combining content, people and analytics

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