Get the right content to the right customer. Every time.

Engage buyers with content targeted to their needs and turn your content into a sales asset.


Learn how to get higher engagement with your customers:


Find your content easily

Have your content at your fingertips: Easy access to all your assets in one place. Manage content easily and don't waste your time on searching the right content.

Distribute individualized and engaging content

Build one-to-one experiences that are unique to each buyer: match relevant content assets from your hub with your buyers' needs and create a personalized content experience that adds value to your sales conversation.

Analyse content performance and lead interaction

No more guesswork: emlen analytics gives you full insights about what content resonates with your contacts and what triggers interaction and engagement. Find out which of your content assets are being used by your team and identify which content is producing results.

Trusted by more than 100 organisations already:

emlen is a SaaS software für marketing and sales teams for small to mid size companies. We enable users to leverage content as a sales asset and to create unique and individual content experiences. Our intelligence helps to understand how your customers engage with content and surface, what content is working - and what's not.
Marc Grewenig | Co-Founder
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